Fantastic! Monster Hunter World Sales Reach 17.1 Million Copy

As one of the most popular PC games, maybe many of you are curious about how many sales figures Monster Hunter World has achieved. Given that this game is a very popular game, it is natural that many people assume about the high sales figures of this game.

But is it true that the level of sales of this game is really high as expected by many people? To treat the curiosity of its fans, recently Capcom as the party that developed Monster Hunter World has released report data regarding the sales of the game. For more details, you can visit our website

Resident Evil Village sales have reached 4 million copies

If you are actively following the development of the game industry, maybe you will be familiar with the news about the sale of Resident Evil Village. The Resident Evil Village game itself is the latest series in the Resident Evil franchise developed by Capcom.

The latest series entitled Resident Evil Village itself was first launched on May 7, 2021 and has been launched on various platforms. In the duration of the launch, which has been almost a month, Resident Evil Village has been able to record a fairly good sales increase. for more details you can visit our website

Some Relaxing Games During Stress are Fun to Play

Amidst the demands of activities and daily routines, many people are vulnerable to stress which can interfere with your productivity. To relieve stress, one of the activity options that can be used is to play games. Especially now that there are many relaxing games when stressed which are quite exciting to play.

When you are under stressful conditions, of course you need a more relaxed atmosphere to reduce nervous tension and also reduce explosive emotions. Therefore, you need a game with a more relaxed feel so that it can be used as a means to get rid of the stress you are experiencing.

If you are in need of relaxing games that can be used to get rid of your stress level, here are some recommended relaxing game options to consider.

The Latest PUBG Mobile Rank Order You Need to Know

For those of you who like to play PUBG, of course, you are quite familiar with the latest PUBG Mobile rank order. Rank in PUBG is a way of grouping players based on the achievement points they have. The existence of this ranked system makes the PUBG Mobile game even more competitive.

The existence of this PUBG Mobile ranking sequence can be used as an indicator to determine the level of game proficiency a player has. Generally, the higher the ranking a player has, the better his level of play will be so that he can be called a more professional player.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the rank order in PUBG is something quite prestigious and can be used as a benchmark if you want to play together or play together with other people.

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Rows of Popular PC Games You Must Play

For gamers, playing a series of games on a computer or PC is still a quite interesting and enjoyable experience. There are quite a number of games that can be played in a fun way on your computer device. Since the many technological improvements in the development of the PC spec, various games that used to only be played on consoles can now be played quite comfortably on computer devices. For those of you who are game fans, don’t miss the popular, fun PC games that you can try to play.

In general, games that are commonly played on computer devices do require computer specs with high enough RAM and VGA. This is of course in order to support a pretty good graphic display and also a smooth and smooth playing experience without experiencing lag. If you are a fan of games that have qualified computer specs, then playing games with high specifications can be fun.

There are quite a number of PC types and genregames that you can play on your personal computer device. Starting from the game genre adventure, survival, MMORPG, and so on. Without further ado, here are recommendations for popular PC games that you can play with a level of excitement and a fairly enjoyable gaming experience at any time.

Deretan Game PC Populer Yang Harus Kamu Mainkan

Best PC games download site 2021

PC game download sites have become one of the right places to meet the gaming needs of many circles. Nowadays, the game has become a ‘necessity’ of entertainment which is very important for a number of people because it can be used to get rid of boredom. The presence of new games makes the choice of game types even more diverse.

Although games on mobile devices are increasingly popular, the popularity of PC games is no less. Especially for some people playing games on a PC device can provide better value and flexibility because it offers more adequate control and game graphics display.

If you are still wondering about the best PC game download places or sites to add to your game collection, here are some recommendations that you can consider.

6 Situs Download Game PC Terbaik 2021

Some of the best piano games that can be played on smartphones

Are you among those who have a penchant for playing musical instruments such as the piano? If this is the case, now there are the best piano games that you can play via mobile devices such as Android. With these games, you can play piano-nuanced games anytime and anywhere.

Nowadays more and more people are interested in playing interesting games using their smart phones. Starting from children, teenagers, and even parents, many have an interest in playing games on Android, both online and offline.

13+ Rekomendasi Game Piano Terbaik di Android

Android games for children that can be used for education

In the millennial and digital era, there are many Android smartphones that can be used for learning or for education to train children’s development. And more and more children’s game developers are popping up to develop children’s games that can be used to educate and to train a child’s way of thinking. Because now, not all games make children lazy to learn. These are the recommendations for 10 Android Games for Children’s Education from the omahgame version to help educate your beloved children.

With the emergence of games with educational themes for children, it makes it easier for parents to train children’s learning, so that they don’t get bored easily through their smartphones, because games like this can help parents, to train learning about addition, mention animal names, colors etc. But in addition, parents must always supervise and limit the use of smartphones for children.

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7 Game Android Memasak Yang Seru Dimainkan

Bermain Games sebagian orang bermain game itu adalah kegemaran yang tidak bisa di tinggalkan dalam kesehariannya. Karena bagi para gamers sejati bermain game itu adalah hal yang wajib harus dilakukan. Di samping game itu menjadi kegemaran, bermain game juga bisa kita gunakan untuk menghilangkan kebosanan setelah beraktivitas sehari-hari. Karena sekarang banyak game yang bisa kita pilih dengan genre game yang kita sukai. Dalam perkembagannya developergame di dunia ini sudah mengikuti trend pasar dan masuk ke semua kalangan, jadi para developer sekarang bersaing mengembangkan sebuah game yang bisa dapat dinikmati dan disukai para gamers.

Mungkin untuk sekarang sudah banyak ratusan bahkan ribuan game dari semua genre yang sudah di rilis oleh para developer untuk memenuhi permintaan dan memanjakan para gamers untuk memainkannya.  tetapi dalam beberapa jenis game tersebut, kita disini akan membahas tentang Game Android Offline Bangun Kota. Mungkin game bangun kota ini peminatnya pun tidak sebayanyak seperti game- game lain nya seperti game moba, dan RPG yang banyak peminatnya. Game membungan kota sendiri permainan yang lumayan seru karena kita akan bisa membangun kota seperti yang kita inginkan walaupun hanya lewat sebuah permainan. Nah, inilah beberapa jenis game Offline bangun kota yang akan kita ulas.

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